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Listed below are some of the dogs we've owned and/or bred since 1979.
Click on a link to find out more about a specific dog.
We will update the links in due time.

Gryphon's Catherine Wheels
Ch Gryphon's Colin Chapman
Ch Gryphon's Clair de Lune
Ch Gryphon's Coventry Climax
Ch Gryphon's Cassandra
Ch Gryphon's Cyrus
Gryphon's Cleio
Ch Gryphon's Cordelia
Ch Eyebright's Celest
Ch Cobby's Canterbury Bell
Cantab Berkeley Square
Eyebright's Call Me Lucy
Ch Cobby's Maurice Chevalier
Ingnors Sweet Polly
Ch Cobby's Boizel Rosé
Cobby's Satin'N Silk
(Black Pug)
Frosta Rom Cobbler
(King Chales Spaniel)
Waterfly's Pimpinella
(Black Labrador)